Our Features

People calling you from a phone number that has Caller ID blocked will hear a message saying you do not accept calls from phone numbers with the caller ID blocked. Your phone will not ring. The call will be terminated after the message plays. *80 To Activate *81 To Deactivate

Automatically redirects specific incoming phone numbers to a different phone number. For example, while on vacation, you can specify which incoming calls you want transferred to your cell phone, which numbers should be directed to your hotel etc. Call transfer is a free service with all Endlesscalls™ accounts, but the transferred calls are treated as outgoing calls. You can program up to nine different phone numbers to ring up to nine different telephone numbers. You can transfer phone calls only to numbers in the continental United States. *96 To Activate *97 To Deactivate. Follow Voice Prompts

Program your phone, Customer Panel, or VoIP software to automatically forward calls to your preferred mobile device (cell phone, laptop, softphone, etc.). 

Return your last incoming call automatically, whether it was answered or not, by dialing *69.

You will hear a tone that indicates you have a second call coming in on your line. Press “Flash” or Click Briefly on Switch Hook to Answer

Blocks, on a per call basis, the person receiving your call from viewing your number in the Caller ID box. Dial *67, plus number you want to dial

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number and the name of the person that is calling you. Automatically programmed into your equipment
Route all incoming calls to your voice mail when you don't want to be disturbed. You can set up your customized schedule for Do Not Disturb to be in effect. Dial *78 to activate, Dial *79 to deactivate. Listen to Voice Prompts

If you have multiple Endlesscalls™ phone numbers on the same account, Call Hunt rings your other line(s) when you're talking on the phone. If your main VoIP number is busy, the incoming call “hunts” to the next available line. We can put up to 9-numbers into your hunt group. Whether you have 2 lines or 10, you can pick the ring sequence in any order you would like. To activate this feature, please e-mail the list of phone numbers you want us to put into your hunt group to: huntgroup@Endlesscalls™.com It may take up to two business days to set up, or remove.

Block all outgoing calls to destinations outside of the United States and Canada. *82 To Activate *83 To Deactivate

Preprogram up to 10 frequently called numbers into the system for easy dialing. Dial *74to Activate and follow the voice prompt to add numbers. Dial ** plus speed dial number to call

When you don't answer your phone, after a pre-set number of rings, calls are routed to your personal voice mailbox. You can get your messages using any phone line (with a PIN code), receive them as email attachments as .wav files or download them from your online account manager. Dial one of the Voicemail Direct Access Numbers (781)-382-0453, (413) 351-8647, (603) 413-8647, (401) 648-8647 or (212) 660-9114 Enter your 10-digit phone number. Enter your password . Press 0 for mailbox options. Options Include: Change Password, Get Messages, Record/Change Greetings, etc.

For each number you purchase you have the option for a free listing in directory assistance.

Log on to your account and see “up to the minute” call activity. Who did you call? Who called you? The status of your account. Change calling features. Do it “live” online.

When you place a phone call “on hold” the other party will hear music. Endlesscalls™ exclusive feature while on a 3-way call (Call Waiting) 1st caller will get music

If the person you are calling to is a customer, you can talk as long as you want for free, even if you are not signed up for the Unlimited Plan. The minutes for In-Network phone calls never count toward your monthly plan minutes.

Allows you to dial calls in your area without having to dial all the numbers.. basically, any numbers you don't dial will be filled in by your Primary Number.

For example, if your Primary Number is 781-660-0001, dialing:

" 123" Dials for you 781-660-0123 " 231-4523" Dials for you 781-231-4523 Most useful for small communities that still have 5 or 7 digit dialing in effect.. this feature provides both.

Description: Receive notification of a Voicemail via your personal e-mail. Attached will be a .wav file which will allow you to listen to the message on your computer. You may dial into the Voicemail system from your home or on the road

set any day any time or all week , month , year

VoIP2go lets you dial any number using a local access number in USA & now in CANADA with no pins (just register your home , mobile , or school , or job and the system will recognize from caller id your registered phone number)

Send and receive SMS messages easily via the VoIP.ms portal, email service, mobile phone or any other mobile device.
5 available star codes to enable or disable a vast range of features. Certain features are free while others require a monthly subscription or a usage fee.
Make free unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world to any user on the VoIP.ms network.
Receive or place unlimited free calls between the VoIP.ms network and any other SIP user worldwide. Receive unlimited incoming SIP calls from any SIP-compliant phone, gateway or device.
No more using traditional fax machines. Receive faxes in PDF format on any of your DIDs or have them forwarded to your preferred email address. Files supported: PDF, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF.
Receive your voicemails directly to your email inbox as an audio file attachment with relevant information (sender name and number, date, time, length of message, time stamp etc.) in .wav format, or get an email notification of new voicemails

Great to use on people you do not ever want to talk to! When you “blacklist” a phone number, the caller will hear a message telling them that you are not accepting calls from them until further notice. No message is taken. The call does not go to your voice mail. Your phone does not ring. After the message is played, the call is terminated. Activated Via Online Call Management.